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Landscape Construction 

South Central Inc. is equipped to undertake any podium deck restoration project, no matter the scope. From pre-construction, to project management and restoration, South Central Inc is capable of realizing every aspect of the podium deck restoration process. 

Our goal is to always meet the needs of our clients and keep the project on time, on budget while minimizing disruption to tenants. 

Service Framework


  • Administrative planning and proposal 

  • Design drawing

  • Cost allocation and budgeting 

  • Material selection/consultation 

Construction Management Services 

  • Design/Build  

  • Construction management 

  • Regular Client Project Updates 

  • Skilled Labor/Equipment 

Project Completion 

  • Disposal Service 

  • Close-out Inspections with Maintenance Information

  • Deficiency Repairs 

  • Seamless Transition

Making it Happen

South Central Inc employs its own force of skilled laborers and trade workers to streamline the construction process by eliminating the need for subcontractors.  Our own forces can take care of demolition, waterproofing, stairs, planters, sidewalks, fountains, gardens, and more. 


The services listed above are only examples of South Central Inc's capabilities. The team is fully equipped to accommodate any special requests or services required to meet the client's needs.  

Click here to check out our Projects page for addtional information! 

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